About Inquiry Facilitators

Founded in 2002

We are a small non-profit that is making big changes around the world. We are growing organically based on face-to-face connections. We are doing this to achieve one goal: Engage more students, worldwide, in STEM opportunities. We are dedicated, passionate, educators. Plain and simple.

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Our Mission

Enhance science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education through academic competition, support of student research, and professional development for teachers.

Our Principles

It is only through collaboration that we will move forward in scientific research, economic development, and technological improvement.

Developing the ability to study and research their interests will serve a child for a lifetime, regardless of the path they take.

Research provides a student with critical thinking skills they need to be competitive in the global economy.

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5th Annual Robot Academy Application (CLOSED)
March 5th 2018

No ROBOT experience required - just bring your robot, laptop, and an attitude to PLAY!

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Help us bring the Afghan Girls Robotics Team to RoboRAVE Int'l
March 5th 2018

Let's bring our community together to help them come to RoboRAVE International 2018

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